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[COMPLETE] Server Maintenance: Wednesday, October 3, 2018


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 Guys did u try to run all L2 servers in just ONE machine ? Are u lack of server's PC ? I didn't understand how a simple maintenance with takes 2h will affect ALL NCWest servers , can someone enlight me pls ? So when server go online we can expect 5 min friezes instead 1min like before ?


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23 minutes ago, WingsOfSnail said:

I haven't played L2 in years and I always remember major content updates being delayed like this time and again. I also remember weekly maintenance with no real updates in there at all being delayed by hours.

The consistency you guys have shown with your dedication to extend maintenance time even after all these years is so ridiculously impressive I can't put it into words. I've been in Discord with friends this last while and was joking that I was refreshing this thread just waiting for the next delay and you guys just never disappoint lol.

Absolutely incredible consistency guys, well played lol.

Lmao this made me laugh and cry in the same time :))) Remembering the good old days :))) 

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What is this? Someone drank too much on Wednesday morning?

An over 100 MB of mandatory "repair" files after update and the only "repair" that is being done is creating a "system" folder (and other random folders) inside the "system" folder? Could you please try not to attempt to destroy/poison client installations with such nonsense next time?

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