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BR/EN - Help to adjust my Eviscerator

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Fala pessoal, estou precisando tirar algumas dúvidas sobre meu Eviscerator, está lv 100, Dual Tyrr GK 96, muito ouvi sobre solar instâncias, famoso duo, então fiz meu Evisc. Vou dar uma breve descrição do char:

Set R99 Light+6 Full Element

+12 PvE Fist lv5 Death, lv6 Crt Death, Tyrr

Joias 30 dias rare acc,

2xlv1 legend str, talisman de quest destruction, venirlv 8, acessory crt rate 50, Ruby, Diamond, Opal lv 3, pve cloak +1.

Dual Skill Berserker 27% p atk.

Meu dano na k95 é impecável, com meu iss eu faço ela duo, o boss morre em 1 minuto com o BR, Istina normal fácil, CC, Bay razoável. Mas o problema é na K99, o dano no crt chega no max 3k sem BR, e outros evisc sem a arma que eu tenho batem basicamente a mesma coisa. Queria dicas de como melhorar o char, já que não estou vendo o potencial que poderia ter no char, acho que falta alguma coisa para ele ficar bom, ou pelo menos ter o dano de acordo com a arma que possuo.

EN (Google translator)

Personally, I need to get some questions about my Eviscerator, it's lv 100, Dual Tyrr GK 96, a lot heard about solo instances, famous "duo", so I did my Evisc. I'll give a brief description of the char:

Set R99 Light + 6 Full Element

+12 PvE Fist lv5 Death, lv6 Crt Death, Tyrr

Jewelry 30 days rare acc (B anthy, b valk, tauti,earth)

2xlv1 legend str, quest destruction talisman, venirlv 8, acessory crt rate 50, ruby, diamond, opal lv 3, pve cloak +1.

Dual Skill Berserker 27% p atk.

My damage on k95 is flawless, with my iss I make her duo, the boss dies in 1 minute with BR, Istina normal easy, CC, Bay reasonable. But the problem is in K99, the damage in the crt arrives in the max 3k without BR, and other eviscerator without the weapon that I have beat basically the same thing. I would like some tips on how to improve the char, since I am not seeing the potential that could have in the char, I think it is something that is lacking for him to be good, or at least to have the damage according to the weapon that I have.

My sett



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Asachiara    17

What i see on screen you lack STR and Attack Attribute (you need at least 500) I don't see ur AP so i can't tell anything

You need at least Ruby 4+/Opal 4+, Longing talisman (for ++STR/DEX) , Venir 14, Get +3 STR +5% patak hair acc, as melee class u need Giant stone Crit dmg 15%. you need Augument on weapon +70 attribute or 15% p. critical dmg. Get Abundance  high grade lvl 1 and make that pve cloak +7 if possible. If possible you can buy 5% patak Fortress talisman 15 day. always hit with Freya bracelet not Rudolf. +30 Attribute and +1 stats are better.

keep in mind that ur dmg is outstanding only of proper skills usage like many other classes.


You need to work on your STR therefore i mention longing etc what give STR stat. Also you can make physical shirt or shiny elemental shirt +6 what gives you +3 STR. get as much as it gets to 130.

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Morfej    3

 I see u got enought gear but u'r noob ... i mean new in the game , and u are 2 lazy seach for info. Pigs / eviscerators / use dyes 4 strenght /STR/ , cheap is STR+5 CHA+4 /lv.4/ , better is STR+5 CHA+5 x3 /expensive/ and later Ability points , and dual class skills ..

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