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What PC Specs Needed To Run L2 Flawlessly?

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Been several years since I built a gaming PC, my current rig has lag walking through retails Aden/Giran in low graphics setting. Is anyone running something that allows them to play on high graphics without FPS loss in high populated areas?

Here is what I have:

Video - Nvidia GeForce 560ti
Power - Corsiar 1050
HD - WD 1 TB
Mother Board - Asus P8Z68 Deluxe
Ram - 16 gigs corsair vengeance 
CPU - Intel I7 2600k CPU @ 3.4 GHZ
OS - Windows 7 64 bit

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Just now, IamLegend said:

That is a bit of an antiquated system however this is an older game.  I played this game on worse systems and there hasnt been much of a graphics overhaul.  Should be good.

I mean sure, I can get by, but what I am looking to know is what it will cost me to walk through Aden/Giran on high graphics with no FPS loss. (Just using those situations as a metric cause it is what I can test in retail right now)

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Just now, Vaerinox said:

Had one, but it has since failed...also lost 1 of my 2 original video cards :(

Damn man that blows - I think the game is unoptimized as well - I have a 2X better rig then you and I still lag every so often in cities etc


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just built a new one.

8th gen i3 (its my understanding l2 can only really take advantage of 2 cores.)

m.2 pcie 3x4 nvme drive (probably the most important thing for l2)

8 gb ram 2400

6780 1gb gpu

on live I can walk through the towns on high detail with minimum dropped frames. if i turn on shadows i lag just a little.

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No matter what system you have, in crowed towns you will get no more then 7/8 fps. Ok, 10 maybe.

I have a i7 6800k , 16GB Quad Channel, M2 Drive, GTX 1060 , and right now, in Aden, with all the afk shops and stuff, I get 7/8 FPS, no matter in low/medium/high settings.

Outdoor , on Medium I get 100+ FPS, but somehow, all maxed out, I get around 60 FPS which .. is bad !

I'll play a bit with the video settings to make it work almost max, but with 80-90 FPS. 

I don't expect to get more then 30/40 at the beginning when there will be players all over.

Game is bad optimized, but .. is fine I guess!

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So, been playing a bit now with the settings.

Whatever you do, do NOT enable 'realistic water', because that will bring down your FPS to about half of your normal FPS.

Geez. I mean, I have everything maxed out except 'realistic water' and I get 120+ Outside towns. Enabling this will get me to 70 or so FPS. If in town, where many players fish - and there is water - from around 30 FPS I go down to 12 :|

So yeah! No to 'realistic water'. I'm good with the 'non-realistic water'!

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