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Ugh after over 8 hours of waiting why...

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Maintenance has been extended for another 2 hours. We've identified a few issues that need more time to be addressed.

How about a little bit more transparency? What are the issues? Can we get hourly updates? What kind of compensation can we expect?

7 minutes ago, Kaldena said:

The whole no updates and 15 mins until "server launch" is extremely disconcerting. I swear to god, if they delay again...

i don't know about people in NA's timezone, but if they do delay again, for majority of EU players it's probably going to be goodnight Giran... 20.gif

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the only thing i dislike is the total disrespect for the EU player-base. They know we exist; they have set timezone server for us; so why ALWAYS we get this? I understand that they also have work schedule, but for that exist planning, and compensations. For us the launch is not at 3rd october just by the fact that always, at any mantainance we get server online at dinner.... so this ends up always after midnight....

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