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Client loads and gives only the option to close the client.

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Starting today when I click play the game client loads as normal but at the first screen the only thing I can do is click OK on a box that says "The client will be closed. Continue?"..


This is happening on all three desktops. I have done repairs and I run them with admin privileges. The only time I've seen this box in the past is when I went afk too long after clicking load.

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esto es una falla que ellos ya saben- no entiendo nada de servidores pero se supone que es mas que obvio el cuello de botella posible los ataques a los servidores y demas son cosas que tendrian que estar previstas desde el comienzo. soluciones? respuestas? algo? 3 hs esperando en queue para lo mismos resultados.


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You have time to delete my posts and no time to fix that shitty login?

you actually instant deleted after 2 minutes my post that i was saying about login and not getting nc coins after a dnation??

are you kidding me? answer like a real man, faggy way to delete or gonna ban me because i "defame" your server?
actually this server rocks and im trying to play like thousand people . we are trying to get a serious answer ONE TIME...

PS.  best nickname i saw in game  is "Pay2login"

by far.

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3 hours ago, Bosik said:

Уже 2 дня пытаюсь зайти и нечего не получается уже аж бесит такое капец посоветуйте  что не будь плиз

"нечего не получается"? "что не будь"?

My advice: instead of playing L2, spend some time to learn your own language.

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