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★★★ FUtilez [Do You Have What It Takes ?] ★★★


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Time Zone: EU/CET

For more info join our Discord: https://discord.gg/0lg7QWT20smtPJtv

We are collection of adult gamers who have come together under the same ideology and the real strength of our guild lies in the positive attitudes and the dedication of our members.
Our mission is to achieve great things through teamwork while at the same time providing a fun gaming experience. We strive to be the best in everything we do including having fun and laughing at ourselves even when we really aren't the best. A good sense of humor will get you far and looking after your fellow members is key to success in the guild.

The guilds roots started back in 2003 with Lineage II and other games after it, though our main policies and structure began in 2006 with Dark and Light where we were known under the EGG guild name. In 2007 we lost our old domain and forums so we decided to start from scratch as FUtilez.

Since 2007 more than 3.500 users have registered at our forums, speaking volumes about the impact we have had among the MMO player base worldwide and of which we are very proud of. In May 2008 we started a new chapter in Age of Conan and quickly became the dominant guild on the server. When servers merged, we moved to the Fury server and stayed the dominant force in both Sieges and PvP. The guild was closed in February in 2009 for a summer break and to try out Aion. We then returned to Age of Conan for the PvP updates and the Kithai expansion in February 2010 and once again became the dominant force until we closed the AoC section down in August 2010.

2012 we created a multi-guild alliance for Guild Wars 2 WvW warfare.We setup the alliance website at www.pevepe.net where all organization and planing was done and as well hosted TeamSpeak server with 512 slots. At the Guild Wars 2 launch, we moved the entire alliance to an empty server Seafarer's Rest and during next the few months we fought our way up through the rankings all the way to highest number 1 spot. Shortly after that we closed our GW2 section because a lot of our members had lost interest due the lack of any of the Guild vs Guild content that was initially promised.

2014 we started playing Archeage in Alpha and entered the beta events quickly after.

It was a blast to have our core members excited, with the knowledge we got from beta we quickly became force to be reckoned with.

Setting sails for a castle was our next objective and we captured it as the only one without any assistance/alliances with other guilds on Dahuta Max Conflict server. We had many epic battles on both land a sea that led FUtilez to become both loved and hated by many EU Archeage players.

2016 Black Desert Online -> instantly left the game with pay2win announcement. ( ironic when now we are joining the NCSoft game )

While gaming to be on discord, always sign up for guild events (available/not available), intense participation in mass guild events and having fun in such an environment, be active in community forums and self-motivated to take initiative. We are here to have fun and to increase our enjoyment through the guild. 

We are looking for Potential Members with the following characteristics : Dedication, Determination, Charisma, knowledge and above all an OPEN MIND.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You must have good sense of humor.
  • You must be patient, mature and calm.
  • You must be able to blend with the rest of the Guild.
  • You don't get frustrated easily.
  • You must be able to follow orders, thinking quickly, and reacting accordingly if necessary.
  • You must have Discord and a microphone.
  • You will be available at least 5 evenings a week for guild events. ( EU / CET )
  • You will be committed and dedicated player that can contribute at least 6+ hours of gameplay daily.

We expect that while you are playing the game that you are connected to discord and in voice channel. You do not have to be in any specific channel and can be muted in the afk/busy channel but ready to answer if called upon. This is vital for guild operations if we are required to fight at a moment's notice.

If you feel there is one or more point you don't meet in the criteria, please reconsider applying to this guild.

Remember, we want a wide variety of people with a wide variety of experiences. People who are excited about this opportunity and are ready to be part of our family are welcome to apply. We want prospective loyal members who can be relied on time and time again, as you will be able to rely on us.

We expect intense participation, but you also need to be able to have fun in such an environment. There are many forms of attitude that we expects from our members and these include such things as the ability to take criticism, working as part of a team and many more.

As FUtilez member you're expected to be on the ball, be on Discord and be a team player.

Likewise whilst we are unmerciful and evil gits in game, we always play hard but fair, cheaters need not apply .

To be considered for the FUtilez, fill out the Application template at: http://futilez.com/recruitment













Check our youtube channel for rest of our movies: http://www.youtube.com/user/FutilezGuild

p.s. Alternative recruitment message from one of our members 


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On 10/7/2018 at 8:48 PM, Celayna said:

So you're trying to recruit 30-40 year old men only? :P

Sausage fest guild? Hey you said good sense of humor lol. Nice work, you've obviously put a lot of time into it. Best of luck ;)


Haha not really 18+ is the requirement 

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