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Question: ISS Combo skills PvP & Seduction Effect?


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I got tired of catching ISS for Archer, Dagger, Mage, Warrior, Healer.
I started to watch ISS doomcryer games, but there are almost no updates (I do not know who to follow or channel), I know how to use the ISS skills, I often get the effects on the target, but my success ends (Except stun and hold, which fail a lot and I do not know yet how to solve this).

All classes have a combo that picks up a lot, for example the "half-kill" of the archer, wizard when he raises and sends the comode skills. I'm tending to find a combo of this for the ISS, could anyone help me find the ISS combo that every class tries to avoid at all costs in PvP? Doomcryer also has Freenzing Flame, which seems to be "strong / boring" the Olympics the other ISS does not have that.

Chaos Symhony ( Effect: Seduction 3s (At the end of the CS ))
I have to understand that at the end of CS 3s, the target runs towards the ISS without stopping (Without control), can someone tell me if during the state of seduction debuffs enter more, it is easy the defense is reduced or any other advantage? or how to take advantage of it, is there any "combo"?


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