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I need advice of random people on internet


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Hello brothers and sisters of internet! I would like to ask you for an advice!

So to the point! I consider making overlord, since its my beloved class which i played 11-9years ago. And i know how much this class have to depend on having active clan. Sadly, i couldn't find any on forum SO FAR. 

So there is a question? In your opinion, should i evetually go different class, or just roll with beloved OL and hope that i will find a clan during leveling? 


Green creature, Dokhan. 



FORGOT TO MENTION! Giran server gonna be my home :)

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Just now, Tzeo said:

You will play a rare class.

You will play a wanted class.

You will be active.

You love your class.


I think the answer is obvious.

You right :/ that means i should go mage then...




Well i guess you are right!

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