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Help me, brave people of Giran!

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Dokhan    3
Dokhan     2

Hello brothers and sisters of internet! I would like to ask you for an advice!

So to the point! I consider making overlord, since its my beloved class which i played 11-9years ago. And i know how much this class have to depend on having active clan. Sadly, i couldn't find any on forum SO FAR. 

So there is a question? In your opinion, should i evetually go different class, or just roll with beloved OL and hope that i will find a clan during leveling? 


Green creature, Dokhan. 

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420everyday    2

Yes, you will. So many ppl there, just open party matchfinding and find some fellaz. Add them to firendlist if they active and after 40 you should know the clan you are going to :) I ma bishop too btw. PLAY THE CLASS YOU ENJOY!

(but I found other problem: there are so many future bishops in game makes me sick :D)

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