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A few noobish questions

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Hello guys I am quite new to l2 but not new to the mmorpg genre so...
I just started a charatcter [elf wiz] lvl 10 at the moment and I was wondering what is the best way to distribute adena.
Do I buy bss? Each mob drops 15 - 24 adena and spiritshots cost 17a each....so wtf?
Should I save money for gear or do you get it through quest rewards?
MP regen time sitting down is quite long....is it supposed to work this way?

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Don't spend your adena on shots right now. You should be able to 2 or 3 shot any mob you're fighting. If you're struggling, kill weaker mobs (look for green named ones) and kill them. Dont kill yellows and reds. 

Adena will be a slow and painful save. 

Regen should only take a couple minutes at your lvl. If that is a long time for you, very seriously consider changing characters because it's only going to get longer. 

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If you are oneshotting mobs, you will have almost no sitting.

If you are two-shotting mobs, you will sit about half of your time.

If you are 3-shotting mobs, you will sit all the time.

When you gain a level, your MP is fully restored. Use that wisely.

If your mob has just a bit of health left, hit it with a staff instead of wasting MP on a nuke.

If you play a light elf in the starting location, it will regenerate MP faster when sitting "under the shadow of the Mother Tree" (in the center of the village, there is a message in the system chat when this effect is activated and deactivated). Use it when you are back to the village.

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