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stopped playing classic yet ?

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have you stopped yet and why


wrong weapon give to a mage ,no mage weapon to pick elf and dark from quest

to much time sitting down waiting for MP to go up ,1 min  killing and 10 mins sitting and buffs run out

no shots for mage

no Adena ,I know its going to be hard but I had  a good mage weapon cedar staff at lvl  12 back in the day 14 years ago 

there's hard and then there's crap

quests you can't do because 1 or 2 mobs and 60 people looking for it 

add yours

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I likely wont play very long. I played l2 from c1-h5 on retail but i just dont like the drop rate anymore, i used to play in highschool so i had the time. however, now with real life i cant get behind it anymore. id at least like the same drop rate as skelth, its managable and you can ATLEAST afford soulshots..


cant afford shots even as a spoiler..

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I'm not quitting but I'm going to wait a few days or a week. Crap drops rates force us into newbie quests where there are 10 people for each mob, and the mages KS even tho they don't need the quest armor (Lv mission Devotion is better) and won't even get the right shots! Pretty sure I read they were going to increase spawn for newbie areas, but they didn't. So I will wait until it thins out because at that time, I think there will be some money on the server and people buying mats so I can make some money.

Edit: I've played Russian 1.0 so I'm used to this level of suck, but when calculating the most efficient way to progress through the game, I'll wait.

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disconnect the afk and secondary accounts of the game
many people can not play
everybody has that problem for so many secondary accounts
I saw up to 4 accounts that a person used
6000 online accounts divided by 4(1 player,4 acc)
the result all the people who can not enter

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I played Lineage as soon as it launched and I remember it being much easier. I played SH and could be hunting for a while. Now I started with DE fighter. I have scroll buffs and SS but have to rest every 2 mob (white) while questing. I remember this game be much easier. Something isn't right.

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