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Adena drop increase? Yes/No? Maybe?


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I'll just leave this here from a user on Innova servers back in 2015 when - I believe 1.5 hit the servers there -



  • Poldek said: 
  • Are you sure increasing adena drop rate is good idea? Didn't you say you want to keep it oldschool and hard ? Isn't it whole idea of making a classic server?


Since I do not want to derail the FAQ topic I'll create a new thread to discuss this change


It is one of the stupidiest changes and sadly, I do not think they can do much to prevent this, because its in the npcdata, meaning that it is not just a global multiplier, but more like a fixed value for every mob.

For example, you can find the amount of adena back in 1.0 (TRUE CLASSIC) mobs dropped in the archive of ru wikipedia, for example:




So, before the adena rate was boosted, back in early 2015 on ru classic Orc kaboo warrior leader (12lvl!) would drop 10-23 adena. Now, after all the adena buffs it will drop 48-110. That is an increase of almost 5x! All the mobs are same, varying from 4x to 8x adena increase.


Skill_4416_6.jpgГлаварь Воинов Орков Кабу


To make matters even worse, since Age of Splendor all weapons (except bows) consume only one soulshot/spiritshot! (instead of 3). This means that you wil be able to go ahead and hunt mobs with soulshots/spiritshots enabled and still, make adena.

So, in reality, this adena increase ruins the whole classic experience, hunting is going to be at least 2 times easier because you will be able to hunt with soulshots and get the good equipment very fast.

A good comparison: back in 1.0, real classic, by the time you reached LVL 20 you would have a wooden set, the 10lvl quest weapon and maybe 10-20k of adena, depending on your luck. Nowadays you will be able to get wooden set at around 12lvl and by the 20 LVL you will have around 70k adena, so at 21lvl you will be able to buy a either bronze set (top NG armor) or upgrade your weapon to mid NG (130k ish). By the level 25 you will get a free set of D grade armor and you will have around 500k in your inventory - an easy upgrade to D grade weapon. By the 30lvl you should already have adena for top D grade weapon and so on.


Compare this to old 1.0 classic where it went more like - 24lvl bronze set, 30+++lvl first low d weapon or mithril set (mid d armor).


There are even more things that increased adena rate like this breaks... For example.

To get a TOP NG weapon you have to hunt 23ish lvl mobs, example, top ng dagger is dropped by 23lvl bugbears near dion, top ng bow is dropped by 24lvl mobs and so on. Well, the problem is... that by the level 24 you will already (or almost) have adena to buy the same top NG weapon so what this means that the 'excitement' level of getting a drop from mob and actually using it will be very low or nonexistant because it is just going to be another item that you will sell instantly since you either have the same level weapon or even better already.

If it was 1.0 classic at level 23-24 there was no way you would have a top NG weapon, it was pretty much guaranteed that you would still be hunting mobs with the 10lvl quest item (unless you got a weapon drop earlier) so an upgrade from 10lvl quest weapon to top NG would be a huge one insteaof just going 'meh'.


And it is just a few things that high adena drop rate ruins/imabalances in the classic. I could go and on and on with the examples...


To sum it up: the game is now waaaaay easier and does not reflect the 'classic hardcore' mentality anymore.


/Rant over


Well, I say no to increase in Adena!


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Agreed, do not increase.

With all the extra the extra boosts, we NEED something to grind for to keep a classic experience. 

To those you have money issues...

Learn to make money the hard way, like we all did. That is the true classic experience.

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