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How to check ping ?

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Only way i've found is while the game is open, go to your desktop -> Task Manager -> Performance Tab -> Open Resource Monitor (bottom left) -> Network Tab (within the Resource Monitor) -> Click the L2.bin process.  In the TCP Connections you'll see Latency (MS) on the far right.  Hope this helps



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Hello there,

I am from Central Europe and play L2C @ Giran Server (GMT+1 // CEST).

If these latencies are correct and are also the in-game pings and not just an other ping to a database server or whatsoever, how is this possible to play with a ~200+ ping? So, I guess, the Giran GMT+1 Server is just an information/notification/indicator for European players to meet each other to same European Times, but still it is a NA Server located in NA... I just wondered what my ping to the European Giran Server is. 200+ is crap, really.

These lags are interrupting the gameplay. Shooting is again impossible/bugged/lagged and switches between enemies instead to shoot as intended.


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