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Cant log into account on wesbite


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Can we please get this fixed.... my cp can log into our characters in game no problems but some people having problems logging into the website "something went wrong on our end, please try again in a few minutes" and before people start saying you logged in to many accounts on one computer to quickly the only account they logged in on the website was their own just the one. 

This makes it impossible to buy more nc coins etc @Juji @Hime these are major issues please resond.

They have submitted tickets, but when it happened to me support didnt say anything they said just wait how long do we have wait. 

Then on top of it I have someone just make a new account and it just gets blocked right away when they try and log in the website. What is with these bugs. 

Please respond, even if its just that we know about the issue and we are working on it.

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