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NC Coin issue

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I bought around $500 of nc coin cards from amazon. I put the serial codes from them into a few different accounts I just made a few days ago. I still have not received the nc coins. I did this last night around this time, so it has been around 24 hours.

I'm running around without shots and vip4 even though I paid a LOT for it and then some. I made a support ticket to have them looked into but I imagine I won't hear a response for at least a week+ with how many issues that are happening simultaneously.

Request #22005129 Here is my ticket number incase a GM has some time. I put in everything that is needed to verify ownership of the accounts, the last 4 numbers of ccs used on the accounts, the account names, screenshots, etc, so everything will be there for them to approve the nc coins if they were just to have time to look at it.

Hoping this gets resolved quick, but understand if not. Sadface.


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