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High protection in login


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It asks for verification, because you have a dynamic IP address, so the system sees it as if you were logging in from a different place every time you restart your computer/router. Either don't turn off your router if you do that for some reason, or get a cheap router and put it between your access point (either the modem or the cable your ISP provided you with) and your computer, so it stays constantly connected to the network, even when your computer is turned off. I think this is a bit of an overkill too, but you can get around it. If you can't do this for some reason, create a new, shared email address, and get every party member to auto forward their emails from the email you get the verification email from to that address.

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19 minutes ago, WoW said:

same problem here.. can we disable this option? same for PIN.. it's a nightmare to have a PIN

I mean, I do think that is an overkill too, but you can just pick a simple PIN from like 2 numbers, and have the whole party change their PINs to that.

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