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[Request] Guidelines from veterans


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Hello there!

I'm here, as a new player, willing to ask for help from veterans to get a good start in the game (:
I've started playing with my girlfriend, and we're going to enter a clan soon; We are a Destro and a WC (both VIP 0, we don't want to pay; at least not for the moment)

We are at level 12, and we're able to play just for 2/3 hours (almost)every night (after irl things ^^'...)

We noticed the lack of drops (both of items and adena) and we were thinking about leaving the "easy" route of the new "up to level 20" quest chain.
But we don't know what should we do instead ^^'... so here  I'm!

It would be awesome to have some hints from veterans (or in general more experienced players) on how to get the best of this fresh start as a new player.

For example, what quests to do, or which places to grind (for adena mostly).
If there is an excel/doc on google it would be even better (I was used to this kind of thing as an Aion and FFXIV player)

Thank you in advance for any answer (:

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So the thing about L2 is, it's not really built on quests. There are some quests early to get you through the first few levels, and there are some quests later that are core to progression (like class change quests for example), but other than those, the quests in game are mostly just fluff. You'll progress through hardcore grinding instead of doing quests like in WoW for example.

The classic part of this site is a good point to go through as a starting point (it has quests and drop lists): https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page

With that said, keep in mind, that it is updated to the EU version of classic, which is 2.5 I believe, while this NA version is 1.5 with some features from later updates and it seems like 1.0 adena/drop rate, so there will be differences (mostly less drop rates and amounts, especially adena).

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