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20~25 EXP-Adena Quests

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Greetings community, i am starting this topic to ask for suggestions about 20~25lvl quest that reward adena and or xp. Googling didn't help and i hope the answers may also asssist more players than me,thanks. The current quest i am grinding is Collector's Dream, repeatble starting in elven village with (collect 8 spider legs from pichner and other spiders near neutral zone), Reward: (says 700) but gives 1000 adena, and the easies quest i found, thanks for your answers.

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On 10/7/2018 at 4:28 PM, Anguis_Draslik said:

and any official info? cause as far as i can tell the quests are not completely same...

The quests are the same, rewards might be different. The only differences I've seen is the lack of the special mana potion from the starter soulshot quests, and the quests that give you a flat adena amount for completion giving you more than what is listed on the wiki.

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