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Vip 4 Options please

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Hi , Please Dev i am VIP 4 and intend to keep it but i dont want the xp boost, can you put the xp/sp boost on a toggle switch so we can decide if we want it or not please . XP boost is the worst thing we can have right now. Thi is very discouraging. I remember the real retail version being able to buy a full D grade set from shop at lvl 28-30. Its not even dreamable in this version.

Thank you Dev @Hime, @Juji

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You aren't meant to have a full set of top tier D grade gear by level 30... Heck, you probably won't get one until 40 or so when the mobs start dropping mats and the player market starts creating the gear. Also -- Highly recommend staying away from the NPC shops for most things, you will get better deals from the player market, just be patient!

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If we're allowed to delevel in Classic, I would say leave it as is. There are some areas that drop mats that I'll need for higher level crafts, or to sell in the market at a premium. I could stay in a quiet secluded spot all day one-shot farming, delevel, and then do the same thing again the next day. Not another soul in sight and good drop rates.

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