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13 minutes ago, BATTOUSAIDAN said:

cmon GM u can open more slot and all ppl in queu can enter and play happy!!!


The problem is not the game server , it is set to get the maximum number of player to be stable without crashing. The login server is a mess though. I just cant beleive they did not anticipated that. Recruit move. When you launch a game you dont add server you merge them if needed it far less complicated for the player. It may be more complicated for them but players are paying so they can handle the complicated. It was a bad management call from the start

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disconnect the afk and secondary accounts of the game
many people can not play
everybody has that problem for so many secondary accounts
I saw up to 4 accounts that a person used
6000 online accounts divided by 4(1 player,4 acc)
the result all the people who can not enter

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