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Select Server, wait 5-10 min in que, disconnect ?

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Select Server, wait 5-10 min in que, disconnect ?

Please fix this as this is now the 4th time for me today & once yesterday.  Not a great way to start a game. I was going to load up on NCOIN & buy a Chronicle Pack after logging in but from all the problems I see others are having logging in after spending money, think I'll wait for now.

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for me the game isn't even loading my characters.. i go through the queue which btw is misspelled on the game as qeue, and then at around 12-5 ppl left on the queue i get this message saying that client will be closed. this is just bullshit. i was hyped for this????????? 

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disconnect the afk (10min)
I think they do not understand that people can not enter ...
a lot of secondary accounts selling things
Many people with many accounts that prevents other real people (not bots) from entering the server
more than half of the server are secondary accounts !!!!! Enough
disconnect the afk and secondary accounts of the game
many people can not play
Everyone has that problem for so many secondary accounts
I saw up to 4 accounts that a person used
6000 online accounts divided by 4 (1 player, 4 acc)
the result is the people who can not enter

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