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All my accounts were locked

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xDraco2    0

I really didn't wanted to created a new topic about this issue, there are 2 days I'm waiting for an answer from support and nothing until now although. All my 3 accounts were locked for suspicion activity, but I've never used any kind of cheat or bot on this game or any another as u can see there. There is no reason to locked my accounts. I've sent a ticket to support, but it seems that they don't give a s... to us.

Please, there are many players needing help cause of the same problem. Don't forget us!


ticket (22032670)

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lkzdobscha    0

you better create another account buddy, since my main account got flagged for no reason as suspicious and they locked it back in 2015, to this day i couldn't unlock the account, i just made a new one.. i've NEVER used anything illegal and i know my pc, i know what to do, i'm not a dumb to run a game with another program open as they said that could've been, running the game with background programs that may cause this issue.. but i mean, just create a new one and move foward i guess.. save your sanity and time.

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