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Hi, whenever you try to connect to the server and wait for the corresponding queues, you get this message, do not let it in, several friends have the same problem, the server is too full or is it an error?

best regards!

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- 카라 (Kara KR) 407 players
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- 네비트 (Nevit KR) 553 players
- PTS KR 65 players
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Hello guys; You are not the only ones suffering from this problem, it has really been difficult to have fun that way. I already opened a ticket, I sent it on twitter and I did not receive any feedback, it was difficult.
I hope the feedback and the solution comes quickly.

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They don't give a shit about us. Why would they need to fix this? They only want us to pay for VIP, so we don't have this issue. They are making money from this.  It's crazy. You spend 4 hours trying to log in. People will start leaving the server soon if they don't fix this. And then they will be left with the bots.

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they put players limit on servers thats why we cant connect... sad from one side.. but otherwise servers will be owercrowded, but in mean time u r getting behind like a day i log off in lwl 25 after few days when i will be able to conncect i will be miles and miles behind , will have to spend 20hours to catch up and be relivant with other players , and after will be the same story ower and ower untill ppls start to leave classic , but after theres going to be no interest to play when everyone who had a chance to log in and chance to spend whole hours(and days) on grind and farm. 

and u going to be like a newbie with expired non grd set no soulhots cuz u cant retrieve them from merchant in those days cuz of login issues . 

must be they didint expect that many players , but if they do they shoud do proxy logins or even clone servers with same time zone and another time when its will get quiet merge them in to 1 to reduce resources. 

my opinion.

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