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Xp/Sp bonus pls explain


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Hi, i wonder how the xp/sp bonuses works.

I have a xp/sp rune bonus xp 50% + scroll regular sp/xp boost 30% + vip lvl 3 bonus 15% = 95% xp/sp boost???

And how will this bonus xp realy apply  on killing mobs coz now when i kill a mob i aquire for exaple 1801 xp ( bonus 801) and 53 sp (bonus 25) that  means~ 45% bonus. So from this i understand that rune is applied to basic mob xp in this example (1801 xp includes the rune bonus) and then the scroll and vip boost is applied (and this means 801 xp )?? 

Pls someone explain if im right or not 


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