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Proxy, to reduce ping


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As a European i quit playing because i find it impossible to play with 1.5 second delay on a Texas server. Especially since i am dual boxing, any macro longer than 3 lines makes my box sit still for 3-4 seconds before he performs an action. It's shame that we don't have a propper classic like this one in Europe since the rights belong there to Innova. Our european classic has a subscription model and since i'm dual boxing i would have to pay 20$ a month for 2 windows which is insane but i would still be willing to pay that for a propper classic like this one. Our version is heavely instanced which is the sole reason i'm not playing it since it ruins the "classic" experience. Shame, i really wanted to play a classic like this one with propper ping, you guys are very lucky, low drop and all. Hope Project TL gets more love in Europe than this game did.

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