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Suggestion about recommendations


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@Hime @Juji :x

So, what purpose do recommendations serve these days? Just a blue name indicating you most likely have a dualbox. That's it.

I would suggest bringing back restrictions for recommendations so they would matter, I mean it's in the game for a reason and could serve a better purpose than just a blue name.

You got lucky crafting a weapon at a private workshop? Smash that rec button for the fellow dwarf. You had a nice pvp with some randoms and are the last 2 standing? Smash that rec button.Just an example :D And the blue name would have at least a little higher value than it currently does. For those who didn't play back in the day, this was how it used to work.

Of course, who want to abuse is will still probably do by relogging or something. I am not sure if it's possible to put restrictions for recommendations (maybe similar like we do have for bot reporting?) Idk. Just an opinion.

Thank you and have fun!

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