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I am looking for a class that can be decent solo but is still needed in groups that doesn't need a box alt. My computer is not capable of running 2 clients and I don't have a secondary pc to play with. I don't mind supporting but I want to make sure I can still play if I can't find a group. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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2 hours ago, Rotbeard said:

I take the lack of response to mean that no class meets this description...


Correct. No class in L2 is worth soloing on without buffs and of all buffer classes I'd only say Warcryer and Overlord are somewhat capable of soloing. It's okay but not great. You'll always do better with a DD paired with a matching buffer.

Summoners can do something with their self buffs too, but if they're properly buffed they're doing MUCH better.

It's true what WutWutWut says though, right now if you're active you should have no problems finding a group on any supporting class. 

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