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Exp is bugged in places as well


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I've heard reports that exp is bugged on Windy Hill & around Dion.  I experienced a bug myself in the dwarf starter area.  After my dwarf reached 20 and completed the first transfer quest, I went to the areas with harder mobs in the eastern region.  They were giving less than 200 exp per mob even though they were white to me.  Seeing that, I went to the area near there where I had completed the last of the 3 level 15 quests.  The mobs were still white to me, but also gave less than 200 exp, even though they had given 700 or more when I was doing the quest.  It appears there was something about doing the class change (or about turning 20?) that nerfed the exp even though all the mobs were of a level that should have been giving full exp.  Please fix this as soon as possible.  It is hard enough to find decent places to level with ng gear at level 20+ without having whole areas unplayably nerfed.  Thanks.

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