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16 hours ago, Branwen said:

parties will almost always prefer alive buffer than a box, if played well he can be always some addition to overall dps or heal (if we're talking about a dude who just buffs and sits for 20 mins then ye, i don't know why would i rather to have him in pt instead of my box), also there's a social part to it, where it's cool to have one more dude to talk with during grinding

basically in every clan i was when i played l2, every member had an access to his personal buffer, but when we were making a pt, alive buffers were always a priority over boxes, and that's how it should always work

That is the game mode in easy servers.

Clearly you have never played in a difficult server (since you get frustrated easily as you said).

If you do not have a buffbox, you would be more open to dealing with more people who are not in your clan and the role of the buffer would be more requested.

And I laugh at your concept that a buffer only "gives buff 20 minutes".

I honestly regret that people believe that you can only have fun with a pure character damage.

As I said in the previous quote ... "If you want an easy game, go to an easy server."

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wow, so much rage :D

i played on "difficult server" (whatever the f that means), and i've never said i got frustrated, by unbearable i just meant boring and unpleasant, there's a difference between challenge and masochism

even buffer box won't let you farm solo in most areas, so cut the crap about suddenly being it easy mode, if you think they'll make a classic server for you, where you're gonna have your perfect vision of the game, full of friendly people looking for random buffers everywhere then good luck to you :D the closer people get to the endgame, the more they stick to their clan members, and even your "one ip one client rule" won't help randoms then, also people will just workaround this ban by simply connecting via some VPNs

the truth is, banning people for boxing won't help a thing, it will only discourage some of the community from playing, forcing people to play supports won't make them play support, they'll just change server, and if someone likes playing support, he'll play it anyway and look asap for some friends to play with (or he can make a DPS box :D), the fact ncsoft allows boxes, just mean they understand that, and they don't want after a month to run empty server with ~500 "role players"


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They will not remove the multibox just because they know that people do not want to play the game, and this is what gives them money.

So relax, it's unlikely that they will. But do not say that Lineage2 is played like this, the fact that they do not know how to play it properly does not mean that cheating is knowing how to play it.

Later they will ask for bots because killing mobs takes a long time ...

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On 8.10.2018 at 12:09 AM, Poky said:


I remember when we played c1, c2 and c3, we were not with multicuentas, all people are useful at the party, but if you were a buffer, people were desperate to give you a party, with this multiple count that left the main page import , if you want to play from the main pp you can not, because everyone already has a multiple account and the main poor pp leave it aside.

Also, if you want to play a full buff, go to a fast server, the x1 servers are designed to enjoy that suffering, in addition, the use of multicuenta encourages solitaire, playing only one mmorpg game just for having a multiple account is crazy

Sorry for my English is not my language

This is my opinion

dude, your english might not be the best but the message speaks a 100 % truth.

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On ‎08‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 2:14 PM, InVizO said:

If they restrict it to 1 client per PC who is going to pay me back for the launch pack and ncoins I spent on my buffer?


Worst idea i've ever heard

At this point in the server you probably were not the first, so another solution without being limited to 1 window per machine would be to raise the MAXIMUM OF PEOPLE FROM 5885 TO 10,000

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