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Help a newbie, what to do after lvl 20.


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Hello mates, Ronin here and i'm a newbie.


Just got to lvl 20 and already transferred my class to a Human Knight \o/, the thing is... what do i do now? Where do i get new quests? Any good quest for me to change my crappy armor, sword and shield?

Also, is there any wikidatabase or something like it that you guys recommend?

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2 hours ago, PixyLicks said:

still on the island ? redo some of the quest there to get you money up there are some that give 1000 adena each time you do it

or go to the main land

Gludin, at the moment at dark elf villagem making the quest that gives money.

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2 hours ago, Aeluin said:

For lvl 25 there is quest for moon armor. You need to take that quest for sure. Best source of database for me is l2wiki.com/classic

You have all quests there and other useful info

Ty a lot mate!

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