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any answer about exp lost in dead?

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8 minutes ago, Krakker said:

its not broken


It´s broken when they annouce in the patchnotes that is 4% STOP DEFENDING THIS, IT´S IN THE F* PATCHNOTES, IT    IS     BROKEN



Death Penalty

New death penalty rules have been added for the Classic Server:

  • 4% XP Loss Upon Death from any Monsters, Normal characters in PvP, and Chaotic characters
  • Items do not drop upon a character’s death (non-chaotic only)
  • Chaotic characters will drop items if they have a PK count of 4 or higher


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I think is enought with ppl trying to log in for 2 hours and u die 2 times in RB fight and lose all the EXP u gain there. I dont think it worth buy exp bonus on store and we need at least 1 answer @Hime @Juji what's goin on with this exp lost after dead.

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5 minutes ago, Oldgamer said:

If you played that game in the past you know that if you die and lose your lvl you lose way more exp than 4%.That is why when you lvl up you need to make 4% to save it in case of death.

I already reached lvl 20 3 times with my pp each time i lost at least 10%. So your "4% buffor" is not enough 

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