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I'm done until adena rates are fixed


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Sunk about 30 hours in so far but not spending another $ or playing another minute until the greedy adena rate nerfs are fixed.
How could anyone expect to get C grade when the time comes?

.25% drop rate compared with the original game is some shady business practices. Does NCsoft and NCWest expect to get away with this?
The gaming industry needs to take a good hard look at itself when it comes to insidious mechanics designed to fleece money from its playerbase.. quite disgusting.

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A wise option is to wait for the next maintenance and see if they do something, if they don't then a LOT of people will leave by next wednesday.

Or you can get into a tryhard cp and spend all your $ in ss so you can progress lul but I think they got a lot of money already from the monkeys that spammed the ss packs so we have hope.

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