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TrOLLw    62

You know its okay if launch has had some issues, I as a consumer somewhat expect it.  I know it will very from company to company.  I find what separates the good companies from the bad is how they address those issues.  I have to say this is pretty much classic NcSoft.  Issues like;

Why does it take me hours on hours to get NcCoin, I'm saying here take my money? HERE TAKE IT! This stuff ain't bitcoin. It would be nice for you to say "hey we've identied the issue and here is how long it will take to fix it. 


3. WHY CAN'T I BUY I AFFORD AN SOE AT LEVEL 20?  Level 10 level mobs dropping more adena than level 25? Goddammit I don't remember having to use "Unstuck" command so much for 5 minute free SOE. This is some Rosa parks shiet.

4. I don't mind the 10% xp lose on death.  That's fine.  But that's not what your site said.  If its only a 4% lose at level 60 that's fine.  I can handle the truth you jack Nicholson mofos.  Just tell us.  Don't sit there on a stream saying we can't count.

We watch a stream that fluffs the real issues aside to have people chasing Juji around with Pompons.  That is some surreal shieet. Why do I have to try to log on 20 times through a queue only get client will close! WHY CAN'T WE GET A HEY WE'RE FIXING IT.

And to the others who wish to bleep rainbows in our mouths.  Its not fine how these issues have been addressed.  Great you paid money, so did I.

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Karnz    23

"The dev team is looking into it..."

That's about the best they can come up with right now, seems they are just trying to sweep it under rug...

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ogre    25

they do have some of this stuff spoken about on the main website where you go to name change etc. think I saw it there.

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