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New player have questions Please

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hello  I am a firts time lineage 2 player. i have an Orc GK level 99  it has been really hard and slow for me to get 99 as i do not know a lot things of this game.

now i fell my self stuck on level 99 as the instances that i do dayly  provides me really few EXP and everytime i try to go hunting myself  always die. 

i would like to know where can i farm decent EXP having set +6 R99 and a fist +5 r99.

also would like to know way to make adena to buy better armor and weapon in game ,

to learn about prices and best things to sell is very important

and if there is a clan that can give me shelter and chance to participate in partys. cause the one i am in, do not help me at all

i am a very active player, i have my work and after that i always conect to play a few hours.

i am ready to be a good clan member, just need to learn.

i am a Spanish native speaker but understand very well english.


Thanks all for reading 


Nanorobot (sweetface) in game


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Try to join TearsOfAngels clan,. seems friendly and active(u did not say server u are on). And not PRO too much.



would like to know way to make adena to buy better armor and weapon in game ,

i have my work

L2store. Buy event items or party cakes --> sell. Better wait next event for maximum efficiency, but can try now. Party cakes are easy to sell even now.

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