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I’m playing an EE main, when I don’t have a group what would be the most effective way to box and solo?

EE + Spellhowler + PP

EE + WC + DD (tyrant, glad etc) - which DD would you suggest?

Later on a WC would be more beneficial for parties but biker would be faster exp right?

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I wouldn't triple box as it would take you longer to level, unless you're good at playing two characters actively while farming.

EE + Nuker + emp stew is the fastest.

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On 10/9/2018 at 3:18 AM, Zaaka said:

EE main here also. Unfortunately there are so many EEs in the game now that it is really hard to get groups. Let's hope that some will reroll to something more in demand. :)

Really? I see SEs everywhere. I have yet to meet one EE main. :/

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