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attention to everyone not to get fooled


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if you by example wanna make 2 quests at lvl 19 because you are unsure what class to make. for.ie cleric or wizard. you will get the reward xp/sp from only 1 quest, even though they say they give you xp. don't get fooled or its bugged.

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Nope, this is intended.


And a more in-depth explanation to people:

Say, you get a Human Fighter to level 19. Then, you have a quest for going to Gludin village, where the contact NPC differs based on your choices in the first dialogue.

After that, you have 3 different quests that you can take: one for Knight, one for Warrior and one for Rogue. All three will indicate they will give you rewards, including XP/SP and the item for class transfer.

However, only the first one will give you rewards; all others will only give the class transfer item AND NOTHING ELSE. So if you do the Knight quest, then complete Rogue and Warrior, you will only get rewards for Knight, but you can still transfer to any of the three classes.


This is important, since for some 1st class transfer quests (e.g. Human Wizard) you will be forced to traverse through deep red aggro mob areas, where some luck or proper timed logout-relogin is required not to die – if you do all that and get no rewards, no wonder you will be pissed.

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