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INSTINCT Clan recruiting English speaking players [GIRAN]


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      Hello, Instinct clan is recruting in Giran server.

  • Who we are: Instinct is mature clan with  10 years history over different  mmorpgs. WE are casual clan centered on clan activities and not CP gameplay.
  • What we are looking for: At this point all classes are welcome.
  • Our Goals: PvE/PVP, sieges, raid bosses etc, other fun clan activities.
  • Requirements:Sense of humor,  use of discord, following the rules;
  • Decent activity  - We don't expect you to be on all the time, and we understand everyone has a real life.
  • Join discord for more info
  •  https://discord.gg/NEg63P3
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4 hours ago, Triel said:


I'm looking for a clan about your pace I think. I'm fairly active given that I have a day job. Currently aiming for SK tank. I can't get on disc at work but message me if you need more information from me?

get on discord when you come back

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