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Delete fishing or rename to P2P


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2 minutes ago, Makavelious said:

Quit being cheap and spend some of your lunch money if you want to get moved up in the wait line.


I do not speak only to myself, i am interested in objective reality .

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2 minutes ago, Saffi said:

He does have a point have you seen giran harbour there must be 3k people there fishing.

And? Should we NOT use this opportunity to build up a bit of a nest egg? And to the OP, i suggest you pony up some cash or deal with it. I hear the retail server has room for new players.

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Just now, Aytrax said:

Game is free2play. Queues aren't that long on Giran and nonexistent on Aden.

What he said..

I don't get peoples reluctance to switch servers, just play on Giran or Aden till the dust settles, then go back and play with your friends or clan on TI.

It ain't that hard to catch up, at least level wise...

Also, there could be free server transfers to, with the way the server populations are distributed. 

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1 hour ago, sleep said:

No chance login for vip 0 players, cuz 2k++ ppl afk fishing. afk dancing. use tripleboxes etc. Why u position yourself as f2p?

i know, it's annoying as f*ck. couldn't login the whole evening. 

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