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22 hours ago, ogre said:

step 1.  log in continually, make it to character create, and watch for the right race and class to randomly be there.

step 2. fast as possible(have fingers and mouse all strategically placed) mash a random name and press ok.

step 3. after being booted, log in again to see if character took hold...it did, yes! now wait 660 turns and bam you're in...dam there is pin dam.

step 4. write down pin, tape to monitor in plain sight. log in again, wait 556 queue.

step 5. make ready the mouse....wait for it...wait..for..it..quick put the pin omg....it went, yes!

step 6. go eat supper because of stress! haha.

step 7. purchase name change ticket, as current name is ddfshehs or some bot name, later also have to get sex change/fashion ticket...o well.


did u follow my guide?

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