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URGENT!! i bought ncoin and no delivery


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17 hours ago, Alchohealer said:

Welll i bought ncoins (1600) at september 15 still waiting them paypal told me waiting for ncsoft to accept them and ncsoft said that paypal cancel it its just ncscum thing

yo guys, do you have the same problem as me? im trying to join in server giran and it says " there are 525 players in the qeue. click on cancer to end the server connection


of course i dont end the connection, but after wait 20 minutes, it says " close the client " or something like that, and i cant advance


i feel bad, i returned to this game after a lot of years " im a 2004 - 2008 player " and this is happening

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Was third or two purchase of ncoins and still waiting them 1 month now paypal said we wait for ncsoft to accept them passed some days and i ask ncsoft what about my ncoins and they said paypal cancel it cmon be serious guys you cant keep servers on on classics you cant give nccoins you cant do nothing and tickets are always delayed 1-2 days 

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On 10/9/2018 at 9:56 AM, Aurinya said:


When the demand is high, it may take longer for your NCoin to arrive in your account. This is also true for first-time purchases. Please see this article of our Knowledge Base for more information. 

Thank you!

Hello Aurinya

Thank you for your help! Do you have a moment for a suggestion? Rather than dig through old forum posts for these details regarding nCoin purchases, it would be great to have all relevant information relating to this matter clearly stated up front -- before nCoin purchases are made. Additionally, my presence in this thread (it now being Oct. 27th) should indicate to you that this is an ongoing and unresolved issue for players and your "solution" to high volume and/or first-time purchases of nCoin should be re-examined. 

Thank you!

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I firstly guessed that they have issue with company who process payments like dib or what display to me in bank  POS DRI NCSOFT.

But then I think must be ncwest web application that do not work as in past you usually got instantly purchase ( order) confirmation email and few second later you could see it in account transaction history your purchase with label pending.

Once payment proces was passed it was labeled as completed.

This time no any confirmation form like it did not happen and nothing to see in transaction history.

Btw I wait too ( using same credentials, same card, same bank as years)

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