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Event rb?

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xHaseo    83

Ok so...beside we all figured out that we got a huge scam by NCSoft 'cause they announced every little thing about the server and then SOMEHOW they forgot to mention we have the rates of the 1.0 and not the 1.5 .. I saw that we are suppose to have an ongoing event. 
I noticed some players with a kind of light flying next to their head, a sorta of "fairy" with a "II" shape...This was also mentioned in the live stream for the server...but i can't find any clue about it.
Where is the RB? When does it spawn? I can't find anything around the Classic server section that explain in details how this event works and how to partecipate. 

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BRT    3

Its special monster with title "Incredibly strong Monster" They are just stronger versions of monsters in the area and drop crappy chests that give you 1 mat I got a 2 stems and a thread out of the 3 I got. A nice bonus I guess but not really worth seeking out.

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