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Botting is Legal at classic l2

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Good evening friends,

I came back after 10 years + to Lineage, because of classic server but i m pretty dissapointed.

Its not only the p2w system that angrys me so ( Because cmon,its p2w - Dont be afraid to say it, microtransactions are dope in this server) , but the botting system. Currently now, theres a lot of 10-12 players in parties at Ruins of Despair,and NO theres no ''friends'' or ''normal players'' e.t.c because they dont even answer when u speak to them. The reactions of skills of these players are mathematical same all the time ( Every 12 second heal, every 9 seconds potions e.t.c)  So i have 3 questions if Veterans on this game can answer:

1) Botting is legal in classic?

2) Is there a ''legal non botting'' program out there that most of players use?

3) GMs are always offline to classic?


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Lets not get botting confused with macros. Most modern day peripherals logitech and razor all have macros that are not illegal and are pretty easy to configure. Granted both suck but bots are a bit more reactive than they are on a timer. At the time only thing we can do is report them with the awesome report a bot that they auto add to your hot bar. 

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9 minutes ago, mihalich216 said:

Macros can not be automated in l2 classic, so i think it was bots.

lol how wrong you are. I can set my mouse to automate button presses on a set interval. Press this button every x amount of seconds. set the option to repeat till you the macro button is pressed again on your mouse. (this is a naga razor)

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In EU Classic  [Skelth] loop macros are allowed. U can run  for a 2-9 party and it's legal for 4games. 

Example :


Line Main assist DD Spoiler Buffer (WC) Healer BD / SWS fighting BD / SWS Dance / Song always up
1 /target %self /target %self /target %self /useskill .... /useskill .... /target %self /useskill ....
2 /targetnext /target Main assist /target Main assist /useskill .... /delay x /target Main assist /delay x
3 /attack /assist /assist /useskill .... /useskill .... /assist /useskill ....
4 /delay x /attack /attack /useskill .... /delay x /attack /delay x
5 /useskill .... /useskill .... /delay x /useskill .... /useskill .... /useskill Song / Dance /useskill ....
6 /delay x   /useskill Spoil /useskill Chant of Life /delay x   /delay x
7 /pickup   /delay x /delay x /useskill ....   /useskill ....
8 /target Buffer   /useskill Sweeper /useskill Chant of Life /delay x   /delay x
9 /target Buffer   /pickup /delay x /useskill ....    
10 /delay x   /target Buffer /useskill Chant of Life /delay x    
11     /target Buffer /delay x /useskill ....    
12     /delay x   /delay x    
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