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So if I'm planing be Prophet...


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Should I think it twice?
I saw many people using dual-boxes, I created my character hoping to be usefull in the future for parties... But If a PP main is shit compare to a box, should I find other class? Like SE or EE, SWS or BD. At the same time I think is a pain to lvl up with a dual box is such miserable rates that we have here, but I would like to ask you. How are your opinions about this matter?

I just don't wanna spend time on it if It's useless for the people. :'c
What can you tell me about it?

Thanks in advance.

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The chars you mentioned will definitely have easier time looking for parties and I'd definitely recommend picking one of these instead of PP.

I mean, even on Skelth, most buff-dependent chars like destros or archers have their own buffers, even if they have to pay extra account for it... Now imagine everyone can get that buffer for free. PPs and WCs are going to have very hard time here, sorry :( 

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