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The drop rates are beyond awful. At this rate they will lose a lot of players if it’s not fixed.

It’s bad enough we have to deal with repetive quests to kill spiders, but getting screwed over on what they drop? Not cool at all.

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Hi Kabal, We have not confirmed whether the current adena drop rate is intended or not. We are still looking into this issue.

GM Marie Today at 17:22 Hello there, I've checked this matter and verified that there's no error with the drop rate of adena nor the experience gain from mobs. However, if you think that t

"Looking into it" is more than just deciding "yes or no." We are in discussions with the dev team on this concern raised by the community. We supplying requested information by various teams and also

Fix it ASAP or players will be leaving ! We are waiting for the answer YES or NO.

If NO - me and my friends are leaving the server immediately !


Don't let us down! it is your last chance !

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13 hours ago, Digilicious said:

I'm in agreement. They likely share the same DB - paired with the fact that L2 LIVE was also affected by the maintenance steers me into the shared DB idea due to tied accounts for both LIVE and Classic.

This is likely the problem. NCwest has never had to make separate rulesets before. Retail has been known to have extremely nerfed rates. The fact it's it's literally .25x is shocking though.

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Keep writing guys! Maintenance is close. 

What worries me even much more is the fact that they never said spoil/drop is actually a problem too or at least that they are looking into it.

So, it seems we are going to have the "spoiler" from Live servers, which is sad!

Nevertheless , keep stating your opinions. They need to know we are not happy with the way they changed Classic.


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