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Member Berries


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So, I've been back in the game for about 2 weeks now, having played heavily on and off since early 2005. From what I've seen so far there's barely enough of a game left to drain my last few billion adena in consumables, have a few sieges and PvPs until my adena runs out, then have no way to make it back. NCWest has trashed the servers with extremely overpriced NCStore items and low rates on everything from drops to enchanting and neglected the golden goose. It's like one of those trashy fairgrounds where the rides are broken, the games are rigged and the scruffy, miserable looking staff seem to just want to take your money, start the ride and go home. 


All I keep thinking is that the best thing still going for what was once an amazing game is the Member Berries, It's all about the Member Berries! I still have fond member berries and I still have friends in game, so that's why I keep coming back for more punishment.




What are your favourite member berries?

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I remember when my spoiler could actually spoil and I could have fun collection bones and advancing my character. I also remember this post...


"If you ever come across a method of obtaining currency that feels exceptionally rewarding for the effort required, please don’t hesitate to submit a bug report in-game."


The Lineage II Team

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