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Best duo + scavenger?

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With my Scavanger, I always have my SE with me. If I had to choose a 3rd to drag behind me Id say it depends on how you are going to play it. 

If it's just another buff box, then definitely BD for the 5 min. Buffs they have on this server. Though WC being a great 2nd option.

If you can tab into it to finish mobs off, then a mage ... No question.

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A PP for berserk and later rage. Buy fish or fish them and exchange them for "Vampiric Rage" lvl 1 pots. You wont have recharge but you will kill much faster. Killing much faster = Leveling much faster. So in solo...spoil every mob 1 time, if it  doesnt work just kill him and try next. 

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