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Clan declaration limit


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Many changes needed for the war system because right now the consequences are completely 1 sided.

- Cost of declaration accumulating with more wars being declared, call it registration fee, unlimited wars but at a cost so you need to decide if that war is worth it.
- War cool down, if a war did not get activated and got automatically ended there should be a equivalent period or grace period in which the same clan can't be declared again.
- 1 way wars abused to prevent being killed or triggering wars, owning a dark castle or entering a combat area like fort or castle siege area should forfeit triggering wars so there is more risk since at the moment there is none because of this.
- Always list who killed a member of declaring clan and other way around even if it is a 1 way declare for consistency but without the red / blue text so problems can be anticipated / responded to accordingly.

Sorry but if the restrictions are taken away there should also be more consequences so this would be a fair trade, mind you the cost does not really need to be crazy expensive but high enough to put value to a decision to declare or not to prevent just declaring every single existing clan and alt clan.

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