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Issues Status Update - 10.8.2018

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3 minutes ago, FatHips said:

@Stett You're right, it's an assumption, one based on statistics and observation rather than emotion (your sjw comment).  I suppose we'll either find out, or we won't.  What we want is irrelevant anyways.  Decisions have already been made.

I don't know if you've ever had a hand in software business operations, but most successful businesses do not wait until they lose a huge portion of their customer base to make basic changes to bugs within their product. Those companies come and go, but the ones who last have a much more preventative approach.  Reactive management is horrific for stability. 

You're right about them not caring in the past.

That how management goes. It's reactive. You do something wrong and you get in trouble. Also, please site the statistics you are pulling from if you going to keep bringing it up. Please break it down for all of us to understand. Customer base is always lost in some way or form. It's truly not as narrow as you have stated. No, I didn't reply with emotion. Every time I see a doom and gloom statement. That was my brain has associated your statement. The statistics I really want to see! That empirical data you speak so highly of... all I see are strawman arguments here. And oh, do free to play players count as customers?

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That's how companies fail terribly.  Reactive management is how management goes? reactive management means you failed to foresee the problems ahead.  Do some reading on how Jeff Bezos runs Amazon, you know, the richest and most desired company to work at in the world? for a clue.  Of course you react once something is broken, but you are better off to prevent it when the warning signs are there.  I need a meme for duh?

The informal player poll was enough statistics for me in this issue.  Observation was my own testing and playing, and those around me.  Empirical data was the PRIMA guide to C1 that shows the current rates are broken.  Empirical data is the streams of the other live classic servers with different rates.

Stop being such a dork, this isn't academics and real life economics do not apply entirely.

p.s. plus you're bad at it

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