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Excessive loss xp after death

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When i died doing pvp, i lost approximately 12%, from lvl 22 1,7% to lvl 21 90%. In patch notes the loss exp says 4%.  Someone had the same experience?

  • 4% XP Loss Upon Death from any Monsters, Normal characters in PvP, and Chaotic characters
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You said in the live stream we would lose ONLY 4% on death, we are STILL losing 10% wtf gives with this BS.  I'm playing a dorf which is hard to lvl as it is and  you guys are making it even more difficult so WTF are you gonna fix this BS, also the adena drops are ridiculous at best that needs to be fixed as well or you will lose a TON of players because 90% or more of us actually have jobs and don't have time to lose XP and grind for hrs on end.  FIX THIS SHIT NOW

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