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Bought Ncoin. Not showing up.


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I purchased Ncoin tonight. It is being processed in my bank statement currently so i know I am being charged. The issue i have is that i never received a e-mail or a confirmation code for the purchase. Just a error page after submitting my credit card info. Should i submit a ticket or wait for awhile? Someone said I should have received a code that I would then have to enter to get my ncoins? Is this correct?

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When I first got coins on launch they showed up instantly. Great.

When I restocked after blowing them all on bsps it took several hours for the coins to be added.

This is very silly. Customers with a good track record should be given the benefit of any doubts and coins should be added immediately.

After the point at which I've sent $180 in 6 separate purchases, I think I should be cleared for a $10 purchase without having to wait around for hours.

It's 2018 guys. 

Get with the program! This kind of thing would never fly in most businesses.

tldr; your coins are most likely on their way...

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